Guys : the new 4-letter word : and how we tried to say it less

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Share What is gender-inclusive language? Why is gender-inclusive language important in the workplace? Language is an important part of building a company where everybody feels welcomed and included—even before people join the team. But 'guys' can understandably be considered gender-specific, making it confusing or unappreciated when it's used to refer to a group that includes women. The first step to overcoming unconscious biases, such as using the word 'guys', is awareness. On the back of a conversation taking place in our Team channel in HipChat, my co-worker Diana and I began chatting about how we could build more awareness of our own language within Hotjar. Both of us were conscious of, and unhappy about, our own misuse of this word, and felt that its use was quite widely spread across the team. We came up with the idea of creating a 'guys' jar—like a swear jar—where people could put in a euro every time they used the word in the wrong context. For us at Hotjar, this meant to a mixed-gendered or women-only group; referring to all men as guys is still absolutely fine!

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