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This feature will roll out in multiple phases see section below. Popping a Teams Chat You can pop-out a chat window several ways. Figure 1: Selecting a Teams personal chat to pop-out Alternatively, the same fly-out icon is available in the top right-hand corner of a chat Figure 2. This is probably how power users will use the feature. As you can see in Figure 4, you can take the same actions as are available in the chat pane in the desktop client.

Act Smarter in Microsoft Teams With Orchestry Microsoft Teams has a number of time-saving features and scheduling Microsoft Teams meetings directly from a chat is one of our personal favorites. Around are a number of easy behaviour you can schedule Microsoft Teams meetings, scheduling in Outlook for example, although doing it this way is assured to make your life a a small amount easier and save you precious age. When you are chatting one-on-one after that realize you need to have a meeting, you can easily schedule individual with the user you are chatting with by clicking on the agenda icon: Image: MS Teams - Agenda a meeting. This will open ahead the Microsoft Teams meetings dialogue along with the current user already selected after that the next available slot for equally users also selected. Sometimes little things like that make all the alteration to the user experience: Image: Microsoft Teams - Meeting dialogue box. After that you just need to fill all the rage all the Microsoft Teams meeting in a row and add anyone else that you think needs to be involved. Limitations of Scheduling Microsoft Teams Meetings as of Chat Currently, scheduling Microsoft Teams meetings directly from chat only works but you are messaging one-on-one. Hopefully, this functionality will be expanded in the future to channel-based conversations so you can schedule team meetings as able-bodied as one-on-ones.

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