Pregnant or trying? Here’s how to get the most out of California’s new paid family leave law

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Sexual activity during pregnancy can be as pleasurable and intimate as other times, but couples may have to make a few modifications to how and when they get intimate. Can sex hurt the fetus? The fetus is protected by the uterus, the amniotic fluid and the cervix. However, if you have heavy bleeding, painful cramps or leaking amniotic fluid after sex, call your provider or go to the hospital.

Add together in the fact that nearly two-thirds of women work — There are plenty of things to consider ahead of you start a job search, charged or not. Other times, you a minute ago really want or need to act. Job searching while pregnant presents a few unique challenges.

Early next July, California workers will acquire an extra two weeks of compensate family leave — or not, but their application doesn't fall on the right side of the new law's deadline. In summary Gov. Will you and your baby make the a good number of it? Processing… Success! Do I get the longer paid leave? Almost certainly not. The new 8-week plan kicks in on July 1, If you file a claim to take compensate family leave before that date, you will likely be put on the current plan that allows for six weeks of paid leave, according en route for Loree Levy, deputy director of the Employment Development Department.

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