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While able-bodied people often wonder if a wheelchair diminishes sex, those of us in a wheelchair know differently. Sex in your wheelchair can be everything and anything you might desire from sex: passionate, intimate, rough, silly, kinky, spontaneous… the list is as varied as your desires. And there are a lot of possibilities. People might assume that a wheelchair limits the positioning options for sex, but the range of positions you can attempt in a wheelchair is delightfully long. Start by exploring some of the classics—most can work perfectly well in a wheelchair with just slight adaptations. This classic takes on a new level of intensity when your partner can bounce on you with the added stability of your chair. Your partner can position themselves on your lap, facing forward, with their feet and legs tucked under them, into the seat of the chair around your legs. With your brakes on your partner can use the support of the wheels to ride you—gentle or rough. Have your partner sit on your lap and wrap their legs around your waist, with their feet on the wheels or tangled around the back of the chair.

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