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Erectile Dysfunction 7 Surprising Things That Turn Him Off From your favorite perfume to last night's argument, a number of everyday habits could be sabotaging your sex life. Medically Reviewed Of all our natural human tendencies — sleeping, eating, creating friendships — sex is about as complicated as they come. But why? Sex feels good. It's fun. And it's great for you. However, a number of factors can get in the way of a healthy sex life — both physical and psychological.

We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. In fact, doggy-style sex, or sex when your affiliate is entering you from behind, be able to be a divisive position. Some women say it feels amazing, while others might not be fans of how impersonal it can seem. It additionally feels more animalistic and kinkier than a lot of other positions. I used to find it somewhat dehumanizing when I first started having femininity, but then I realized I was kinky and I actually kind of liked that dehumanizing aspect, if played out consensually with a trusted affiliate. Besides the penetration, the position allows for a lot of physicalities beard pulling, spanking, etc that I face-to-face really enjoy.

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