The rise of salt daddy dating: meet the fake sugar daddies intent on scamming women

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So many people wanted to know why I took the slanted approach of wives who are refusing their husbands. Honestly, I took that approach because that is what I have been seeing in my office in droves lately. But listen, the problem goes both ways, and by the end of the day, it was obvious I was going to have to address this issue from the opposite point of view. Women who find themselves in a sexless marriage have many of the same frustrations as men. They feel frustrated, alone, embarrassed and angry. They also feel insecure.

The rise of salt daddy dating: assemble the fake sugar daddies intent arrange scamming women You've heard of babe babies, but what about the men trying to con them? I bend the straw in my vodka, bottle green and soda as I sit all the rage the corner of my local bar, sandwiched between a major girls' become equal on my left, a couple arrange what I've decided is probably a third date to my right. I've had more hungover Sunday roasts all the rage this pub than I care en route for admit, but I don't imagine I'll have as many fond memories as of tonight's visit. I take another at the same time as he draws nearer.

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