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He may have been born on the island of Haiti around to a French mariner and a mother who was a slave of African descent. DuSable was educated in France and then, in the early s, sailed to New Orleans. From there, he made his way up the Mississippi River to Peoria, Illinois where he married a Potawatomi woman named Catherine in a tribal ceremony. The marriage was formally recognized before a Catholic priest in Cahokia, Illinois in His cabin is often depicted as a modest structure, but written descriptions of the property suggest that DuSable may have lived more than a modest life. The property featured a large stone fireplace, bake and smoke houses, stables and huts for employees, along with a fenced garden and orchard. Household furnishings included paintings, mirrors, and walnut furniture. He spoke Spanish, French, English, and several Native American dialects, which served him well as an entrepreneur and mediator. DuSable sold his estate on May 7, and returned to Peoria, Illinois.

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