Is It Possible to Have a Loose Vagina?

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Loose vagina- all you need to know! Then, removed it and inserted two fingers, followed by three fingers…to assess tightness as compared to a single finger? How many of you reading this blog would have ever done the above? Similarly, if you- not he, is not having a good time in the sack, it could also point towards a loose vagina. The other big reason for bad sex is a lousy partner. Some other symptoms are leaking urine inadvertently when you sneeze or laugh, pain during sex, the constant need to pee, or pain in your pelvic area. This is utter bullshit as well. The next time you hear such crap-just tell the person that the vagina or the birth canal is an elastic, muscular organ and that it expands to push-out a baby and to make penetration possible.

A vagina may get looser as the muscles surrounding it weaken over age. During sexual arousal, the muscles of the vagina relax, and this enables penetrative sex. These muscles relax at a snail's pace, which is why foreplay can be very important. After sex, the vagina returns to its usual shape after that tension. There are many myths a propos the effect of penetrative sex arrange the female body. There is denial evidence that sex causes a loosening of the vagina over time. The vagina is temporarily more open ahead of, during, and after sex. This is similar to the mouth stretching en route for yawn or eat, then returning en route for its usual shape. The hymen is a thin membrane around the vagina.

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