Here are the 43 best kept secrets in Kansas City

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Here are 43 secrets of Kansas City, from the haunting truth behind a canceled play at a local high school to a little-known shop selling returned Amazon products for pennies. Some of these items are hidden gems, others are local urban legends of widely varying degrees of truth. All are worth knowing about if you love Kansas City. Illustrations by Allison Kerek Williams. No one knows why the cave in Roanoke Park was walled off—or why, after decades, it opened last month.

We released our ranked list of the 40 best restaurants in Kansas Capital in Decemberafter exhaustive research that adage our editors visiting hundreds of spots to pick 40 excellent restaurants so as to represented the best dining KC has to offer. We spent a day eating our way across the capital to rank the best restaurants all the rage Kansas City. The list runs the gamut from expensive to cheap, after that from fine dining to flip-flop accidental. So much has changed since after that. But we have now removed six spots that, sadly, have closed. We ate the plates. Our editors visited more than two hundred and fifty Kansas City restaurants over the ancient year to pick the top forty.

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