Women describe what an orgasm actually feels like

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Myth: You should only use the missionary position when trying to get pregnant. Any sexual position can result in pregnancy. There are a few positions that can help the sperm get to where they need to be a little quicker and easier, though. They tend to be those that facilitate deep penetration to get the sperm cells closer to the cervical opening. Myth: You should rest with your hips elevated for minutes after having sex. Sperm cells reach the fallopian tubes within minutes after ejaculation. And keep in mind, a single ejaculate can contain up to hundreds of millions of sperm cells.

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through acquaintance on our site. But imagine but you could have a full-body, toe-curling orgasm every single time you climaxed? Alright, we can't promise it'll come about every time, but there are a bunch of sex techniques you be able to implement while masturbating, during sex, after that outside of the bedroom that could help take your climaxes to the next level. As in, you'll be feeling sensations throughout your entire amount.

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