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What does being open-minded look and feel like, and how can we cultivate it in our daily lives? Willing to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to your own: unprejudiced. But this seems easier said than done, right? How do we actually start to cultivate an open-mind? We cannot enter into the mindset that we are teachers and therefore not students. Because we are teachers it is imperative to keep the mindset of a student.

Download Stream Transcript Full Video. She is an Australian 3x Jiu-jitsu world advocate, known as the Barkindji Warrior. She gets raw and real about her experiences with mental health. Shantelle opens up about digging deep to achieve courage and strength to take accountability to help herself first. She additionally reveals what she has learnt so as to helped her to get through those times and what she does arrange a daily basis to stay able-bodied. Shantelle shares insights on how we can make meaningful changes in the workplace and our own lives about inclusion, diversity and wellbeing. This chinwag is confrontational, moving and absolutely exciting.

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