Pickup Cowboy

Cowgirl looking 19441

Cowgirl Problems. By Courtenay DeHoff. Raised on a cattle ranch, but living in the big city she takes pride in being both a little fancy and a little ranchy. Urban and rural collide as Courtenay takes you on one unfiltered and often hilarious journey after the next. Yee to the haw!

Perhaps someday we can find our adoration like we can discover an haven in the middle of the abandon. This time, I hope that we can fall in love like a cowboy and a cowgirl under the scorching sun. You wonder about the cowboys who seemed to be back off with their huge hats, long boots, a revolver in a loose abridged, and thick Southern accent. You capacity want to spend the rest of this striking starry night with a handsome cowboy like me. We be able to run away with my dark horse and live in our own bliss for the rest of our lives.

Accept to Cowgirl Creamery! From our cheesemakers to our farmer partners, Cowgirl Creamery is passionate about dairy as a force for good. We're continuing our original mission to craft delicious cheese from the extraordinary milk in our region. Of all the years en route for start a gratitude practice, this day was it.

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