On Sexual Tension in Women’s Friendships

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According to some feminist theorists, love and friendship may not be as distinct as we imagine. Suddenly, just like famous heterosexual couples, popular lesbian couples and details of their romances filled gossip magazines and became commonplace household conversation. Like many contemporary women, Carrie and her friends are highly conflicted about their looks, their attractiveness, and their sexuality, sometimes flaunting their bodies and sometimes hiding them. Even today, when fluidity of sexual identity is acknowledged and freedom to choose a sexual partner of any gender is allowed, at least in some places, the issue of sex and friendship between women can still disturb. Madonna, who says that she is bisexual, told one interviewer that she has had a lot of crushes on women but has only been in love with men. She is not alone. In one recent study, almost three-quarters of the straight women participants were stimulated sexually by looking at other women. In some cases, they are simply part of our connection as friends. Research confirms that women are often sexually aroused by touching and being touched.

Intimacy-positive week is continuing with a caller post from my bisexual friend Sana Al-Badri. Welcome to my very bi dating advice, from a bi female to bi women and of avenue, to readers who are curious a propos bisexual dating. This article is a propos authentic encounters with the same femininity. I will outline what behaviors after that mindset will help you improve announcement as well as eliciting attraction. I will also outline the current dating landscape for bisexual women and advantage you set clear expectations. My application is to address bisexual women, who are already out and are looking to date women.

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