Commercial sex work among university students: a case study of four public universities in Ghana

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Metrics details. Despite its criminalization in Ghana, commercial sex work dates back en route for ancient societies and occurs in a choice of forms within communities. The study was an exploratory-mixed-method design. Respondents were identified using purposive and snowballing techniques although semi-structured questionnaires and in-depth interviews were used for data collection between after that Quantitative data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences account 23 and qualitative data analyzed thematically. Findings show that there is a proliferation of commercial sex work arrange university campuses in Ghana for economic, material, and emotional gains. Student femininity workers have devised various strategies en route for combine academic work and sex act. Brothels are also springing up all the rage and around the university campuses all the rage the form of movie houses after that student sex workers convert their boarding house rooms into brothels.

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