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Go to Songsear. I can't find this one song. I know it's by a girl and I only remember some of the words and parts of the song: You gave me roses, but I'm afraid to hold em', I scared without you Take one step, that's all I need for you to do I know that it plays on Hi I'm looking for the song to an female african american gospel song. Slow tempo. It's probably over 14 years old. I think it was sung by one of the winans but i can't find the lyrics.

Anywhere the days are always long after that bright. Still we got a elongate way till we make it abode. And if you're looking for a few peace, man. Well let me acquaint with you about the ways of the world. You'll never make it, akin to it's just a daydream. And but you're still afraid of what you'll find…. Don't shut your eyes accordingly tight, you can't see.

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