How to Spot the 6 Signs of a Mean Girl

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What to Look For Nothing is more painful for a young girl than being ostracized at school or excluded from a party. In fact, sound social connections are vital for the healthy development of pre-teen and teen girls. But sometimes that need for social interaction is made more challenging or painful by a covert type of bullying commonly known as mean girl behavior. What Is a Mean Girl? Inbullying expert Rosalind Wiseman wrote the book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which brought attention to the ways in which pre-teen and teen girls tend to bully one another. In her book, Wiseman described how some girls can be bullied or teased mercilessly by other girls for wearing the wrong outfit or for dating the wrong person. She also highlighted how some girls are branded with a reputation they cannot shake or pressured into conforming to a group or risk being kicked out—all of which are subtle forms of bullying known as mean girl behavior or relational aggression.

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