Ex-officer Noor seeks 41 months in 911 caller's death

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Lopez was shot and killed by a Greensboro police officer on Nov. Almost three weeks later, his father says he needs to know why his son was killed. According to a public statement released by the Greensboro Police Department in the early hours of Nov. The statement notes that the resident at the address called police because Lopez was attempting to enter the house. Officers and EMS attempted life-saving measures before Lopez was pronounced dead onsite, according to the statement. Currently, the State Bureau of Investigation is conducting a criminal investigation into the incident and the professional standards division of the GPD is conducting an internal investigation to determine whether proper policies were followed.

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Mohamed Noor was initially convicted of third-degree murder and manslaughter in the bereavement of Justine Ruszczyka dual U. Noor is still convicted of second-degree assassination and will be sentenced on so as to count Oct. Sentencing guidelines call designed for a range of anywhere from 41 to 57 months, with the presumptive sentence being four years. Noor was taken into custody on April 30,and has already served more than 29 months. In Minnesota, defendants with able behavior typically serve two-thirds of their sentence in prison, and the balance on supervised release. If Noor receives the presumptive four years for assassination, he could be eligible for supervised release around the end of this year. If the judge agrees along with the defense and sentences Noor en route for 41 months, his release could be imminent.

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