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You can't do it with any more enthusiasm. I don't care who you are, you get to the point where you don't like singing the song anymore. It's so easy to kind of keep going on and saying, well, you can rely on those songs, you can rely on that to have a career or something, and I'm not sure I want that. By the time I'm in my later forties, I will have built up a whole new repertoire.

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He is best known for his failure to speak without making references en route for bestiality such as . Ricky a lot refers to him as The Reg and in season 12 is the middle-man for a drug deal anywhere Ricky sells hallucinogenic mushrooms to Terry and Dennis. His nickname goes ago to childhood, when an attempted fart turned into defecation. According to Bubbles, Bill considers his nickname offensive—not the Shitty part, but Bill. His at the outset appearance is in season 5, after that he is frequently mentioned in flavour 7, often acting as the Boys' liaison outside the park. He hardly ever speaks beyond monosyllabic noises. Bottle Kids[ edit ] The Bottle Kids are a gang of young children before teenagers who amuse themselves by bombarding various park residents with empty fluid bottles, an abundant commodity in Sunnyvale. Randy is a frequent target anticipate to his obesity and lack of a shirt; he mostly bears the strain of their attacks. The common residents have long since learned en route for be on guard for their attacks; their appearances are always preceded as a result of somebody shouting: Bottle kids!

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