Weyburn This Week - October 30 2020

Girl from Weyburn 51463

We appreciate your business. Thank you for being a loyal customer. The prairies are blessed with a natural beauty and an abundance of well-kept gems just waiting to be discovered and what better way to explore such wonders than in the comfort and ease of our own set of wheels. Discover the bounty of scenic vistas, historic landmarks, quaint towns, hidden diners and unique shops all within a few hours drive of your home. You have the freedom to wander off the beaten path, linger at unexpected discoveries and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Barely visit houses that are lit ahead, and never go inside 2. Amble on the sidewalk, and avoid zigzagging across the street 3. Respect altogether road signs and traffic lights 4. Stay with your friends at altogether times, and go to each access as a group 6. Follow a pre-planned route, and return home by the agreed upon time 7. Be sell for a flashlight, and make sure drivers can see you at all times 9.

Leila was born at Walden on October 11, and lived on a arable farm near Melville with her parents, two brothers and two sisters. Leila met and married Sherwood Birrell 56 years ago, and they were married arrange October 1, her birthday. They remained in Weyburn all of their conjugal life. Together they raised three children.

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