Why I Quit Doing Friends with Benefits

Curious female wants a 37248

Researchers have long been fascinated by the female orgasm. By contrast, in men, orgasm and ejaculation are synchronized. It is almost always necessary for a man to orgasm in order to ejaculate, inseminate and thus impregnate a female partner. This incongruity between the male and female sexual response has left scientists curious as to what purpose, if any, the female orgasm might have. One theory is that the female orgasm helps promote high quality mate choices among women: one of the driving mechanisms of sexual selection. Just as peahens gravitate toward peacocks with more flamboyant tails, women may use orgasm as a cue for mating. Furthermore, reproduction has greater consequences for females than males, since they are more impacted by pregnancy and its associated riskschildbirth, breastfeeding and even childrearing. One of the best ways to ensure that genes find their way into subsequent generations is to pair them with a member of the opposite sex who is healthy, reproductively viable, and has high-quality genes.

Friends with benefits FWB is a amusement, no-strings way to have sex. Accordingly why give it up? There are 6 good reasons to, including idleness, distraction, and getting stuck with the wrong girl. If she causes comedy , you can just tell her to knock it off or abandon her out.

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