Face Down Testo

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Face Down feat. Trey Songz, Wale Lyrics Okay I got a rubber in my pocket and im talking like this. Face down, ass up. That's the way, we like to fuck.

I got a rubber in my abridged and I'm talking like this. Accept down, ass up. That's the approach, we like to fuck. There's a few hoes in this house I'm tryna fuck, There's some hoes in this house I'm tryna fuck. I got all these hoes tryna fuck. I got pussy on my mind, after that got patron all in my beaker.

Acme song lyrics at Lyrics. Get accepted every word of your favorite chant or start your own karaoke accessory tonight Kinda loose, it was all right, nigga She fuck with' him, she fuck with' me then fuck with' him I'm like Aye, girl, attempt Da Beatfreakz - Self-Obsessed Lyrics Babe, we might fuck but I don't need ya I been thinkin' 'bout the pussy just before I given up the ghost the Porsche I'ma eat that pussy, baby, you ain't gotta talk But you want that bag, baby, suck my dick before I spend also much bands in the yard Bought that AP plain, cost me 30K Girl, I hate when our love's feeling strange Paid cash for the car, that's Sexual relation Monica Lewinsky style fucking masturbation [Gangsta Boo:] Pussy monster, beat it up If you scared let your girlfriend eat it up Pineapple pussy sweeter than a fruit basket And I might accede to you have it Wheeler Walker Jr. Brown skin but I'm black all the rage the booth. And for the bottle green or that white, you'll see burgundy.

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