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Read answer Question: The gas is in my landlord's name because it covers the whole building, and he is supposed to give us a monthly statement so we can pay our share. We have been here since January. It is March, and we have yet to receive a bill. I am afraid that he will wait until it is too much to pay at once. Does he have a time limit to get our monthly bill to us? Read answer Question: Our lease states that a clothes washer and dryer are furnished appliances. We discussed it with our landlord before we moved in, and he said he would have take care of it. After two months, we still don't have a washer and dryer. When I brought it up to the landlord last week, he said he didn't remember the conversation, but if I wanted, he would buy a washer and dryer, and he would let us pay it off with our rent.

Around are 35 Equinox locations in Manhattan and Brooklynand I worked out by all of them to see but their airtight brand identity lived ahead to its reputation. I found so as to most of the gyms, even by the base level, provide an eminent experience compared with other brands, although there were definitely some that are not worth the price alone. Appointment BusinessInsider. In New York City, available to Equinoxa high-end gym chain, is an undeniable signal of status. They have expertly crafted a brand so as to truly evokes luxurysexand wellness even after brought up in casual conversation. Can you repeat that? I discovered was a vast arrangement of gyms at various price points with different amenities, aesthetics, and services. So, I decided to embark arrange a nearly two-month journey exploring altogether of Equinox's offerings in New York City. I worked out at altogether 35 Equinox locations in the capital not counting Long Island or Westchester.

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