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The majority of films require their characters to grow and learn, eventually to become better people. Body-swap films provide a perfect opportunity for this, as the characters get to literally see through someone else's eyes, giving them a new perspective. The genre includes films that see two characters change places, as well as films that feature characters transformed into someone else altogether. The genre lends itself well to comedy, with the now transformed characters finding themselves in strange and unexpected situations, leading to hilarity. In addition to proving them with all the motivation that they need to change their lives. Updated on December 22nd, by Kristen Palamara: Body-swap movies are a particular genre that never gets old and more movies with this premise keep getting released showing how popular the genre truly is that the same formula can be used again and again. Two people switch bodies or lives, or someone gets taken out of their own daily life and they learn a moral lesson along the way so they can live their lives better once they return to normal. Rob Schneider stars in this early s movie as a career criminal who accidentally switches bodies with a vain and mean-spirited teenage girl.

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